Botox against forehead wrinkles

After years of frowning and raising your eyebrows, forehead wrinkles do not disappear. Thanks to treatment with botox, these forehead wrinkles disappear, but your natural expression is preserved.

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Botox Forehead wrinkles

Get rid of that stern facial expression

A frown line or deep lines in the forehead can give you an angry or stern facial expression. Deep wrinkles in your forehead come naturally as we get older, but they are also often hereditary, which means that some people can already see them at a young age. A shame, because they can unintentionally give you a grumpy look.

After years of frowning and raising your eyebrows, forehead lines no longer disappear, even when you look relaxed. Thanks to treatment with botox, these forehead wrinkles disappear, but your natural expression is preserved. People who frown a lot and raise their eyebrows experience a very relaxed and calm feeling in the forehead after this treatment with botox. Keep in mind that the position of your eyebrows and the excess skin on your upper eyelids can determine whether or not the forehead should be treated with botox. In some cases, an upper eyelid correction will be advised first to prevent tired, heavy eyelids after botox treatment.


When do I see results and what can I expect?

The result is optimal after 2 weeks. So always wait 2 weeks before you can judge the result. If after this period you are not satisfied with the result of the treatment you are always welcome for a check-up appointment and, if necessary, follow-up treatment. This appointment should take place within 2 to 4 weeks after the treatment by your doctor. The effect of a botox treatment will last for about 3 months, after this we would like to see you again for a repeat treatment.

Treatment: 10 min.

Type of injectable: Botuline toxine (Botox)

Result: After 2 weeks optimal

Repeat advice: 3 times a year

Effect: Average of 3 months


Treatment frown line with botox

After we receive you in our clinic, a short conversation with one of our doctors follows. Then the treatment begins. The doctor will use a white pencil to mark the skin. With a very thin needle Botox will be injected into the muscles of the forehead, causing these muscles to temporarily relax and the skin of the forehead to calm down.This treatment takes only a few minutes and is almost painless.


What should I pay attention to after the frown line botox treatment?

Immediately after the botox treatment you may see small bumps on the injection site or it may look briefly red, by the injected fluid. These normally disappear within 15 minutes after treatment. You can resume your activities immediately after treatment. Aftercare of a botox treatment is not necessary.

However, we advise against intense exercise and visits to the sauna or solarium in the first 24 hours after treatment. The treated area should not be massaged the first few days, just let the botox do its work. The effect will slowly take effect within 2 to 3 days and is maximum after 14 days.


What does it cost to treat forehead wrinkles with botox?

For forehead wrinkles there is a standard and high dose. Which one you need depends on the strength of your muscles. The doctor will advise you and the costs will be discussed with you in advance so you will not be surprised. We work exclusively with real Botox®.


Botox, for over 15 years the most effective beauty treatment: safe and predictable.

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